We are just days away from Benchmark’s next event: Business Essentials! Join us on April 29th from 12 PM – 2 PM as we discuss how Diversity & Inclusion, Labour Laws, and Mental Health are essential to your overall organizational performance!

We are replicating what makes an in-person event worthwhile, online with expert-led discussions, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities to support your organizational growth.

All proceeds from this event will go towards the Green Haven Shelter for Women to support their ongoing efforts to promote the rights of women and provide an environment of mutual respect for them to live in.

We are so excited to see you on April 29th for this thrilling event!


This month we wanted to highlight our incredibly talented Vice President of Group Savings, Mark Coutts! Mark handles everything related to investment plans including pensions, group RRSPs, and executive savings. Mark has been working in benefits for many years and has helped countless individuals across the retirement goal line with a smile on their face and a comprehensive savings plan.

Mark is a critical member of the team at Benchmark and leads the Group Savings Advisors in providing outstanding service to plan administrators and plan members alike. Mark prides himself on the fact that Benchmark has a finger in every file that allows his team to know their clients intimately and use our pull with insurers to provide the best health care solutions. He is a pillar of the community and we are so lucky to have him as a member of our team!

  1. What is your role at Benchmark Benefits? 

I head up the Group Savings division at Benchmark – in essence, everything related to investment plans. This includes pensions, Group RRSPs, and executive savings arrangements.

  1. What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Helping people reach their long-term retirement goals. I’ve been doing this a long time – more than 27 years – and have had the honour of helping several clients transition successfully from the working world into retirement. There is no better feeling than seeing people cross the retirement goal line with a big grin on their faces!

  1. What makes Benchmark Benefits the leader in health care solutions? 

Benchmark is driven and directed by its founding partners. We have a finger in every file. We are big enough to have plenty of clout with insurers, while still knowing each of our clients intimately.

  1. How do you go above and beyond to offer value to your clients?

Most benefit consultants only deal at a high level with the plan sponsor – individual plan members are totally unfamiliar to them. Benchmark’s group savings division has advisors who are more than happy to speak with actual plan members. Having “boots on the ground” to respond to specific employees is totally unique in our industry.

  1. What is one thing you try to include in your everyday life that keeps your wellness & mental health top of mind?

At 57 years, I am officially “the old guy” on the team. So I must adhere to the new mantra: “Motion is the new Lotion.” In other words — keep moving! I try to run, bike or swim every day. This habit has helped me keep active in local triathlons for the past several years. And it helps clear my head and focus on what’s important: my family, my clients, and my community.

In a continued effort to support frontline workers, grocery retailer Empire Company Ltd. is renewing its promise to support its employees working in stores during the lockdown.

With a sliding earning scale from $10 – $100 depending on hours worked, employees working at Sobeys, Foodland, FreshCo, Farm Boy, Voilà by Sobeys, and retail support center employees will reap the benefits of this lockdown policy.

Sobeys is not the only chain in the country offering subsidies for its frontline workers, Metro Inc., Walmart, and Costco are also providing for their frontline grocery workers during the current Ontario lockdown.


Our hunt for a new team member is over, we would love to introduce the newest member of the Benchmark Team Erica Palleschi! We could not be more thrilled to have Erica join us as our new Benefits Administrator!

We’re back with a fresh edition of our Workday Wellness Series!

This month we will be exploring Chair Yoga that you can incorporate throughout your workday, with tips and tricks from the incredible Paria Mirazimi Co-founder & InstructoratAthletix Academy.

Click the video above to take a moment of wellness for yourself today!

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