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Ensuring the financial security of business owners, partners, executives, professionals and/or key employees is critical to the long-term growth and sustainability of any organization.

There are several reasons:

• Compensation packages need to be competitive in order to attract and retain the best talent

• The unexpected removal of a key person due to sudden illness or death creates an immediate skill gap that can lead to uncertainty among staff, customers and other key stakeholders including lenders and suppliers

• The turnover of key people, whether due to termination, retirement or the unexpected, is a closely-watched event. Proper planning helps to minimize the disruption and ensure a seamless transition

We work closely with organizations to understand the unique needs of their key people, then guide them in the creation and implementation of the appropriate benefits package. Common solutions include IPPs, key person disability and critical illness coverage, health benefits for executives working abroad and specialty insurance products for hard-to insure individuals.

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