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 We could not be more excited to expand our international reach by joining with UNIBA Partners and help more companies #ReapTheBenefits!

Benchmark is excited to announce that the company has decided to further strengthen its global operations by joining UNIBA Partners, the client-centric global network of independent brokers. One of the oldest and largest broking networks, UNIBA Partners provides a dedicated, high-quality infrastructure for ensuring excellent client service regardless of location in over 130 countries.

“We’re looking to expand our business offering internationally” – says Gisela Carere, Benchmark’s President. “We look forward to sharing our experiences within the Employee Benefits consulting space with UNIBA Partners. We aim to contribute with ideas to help members with the continued success of their companies.”

Mareen Hüffmeier, CEO of UNIBA Partners, stated: “We are delighted to have Benchmark join UNIBA Partners. With their very strong service dedication and excellent, tailormade Benefits Consulting capabilities, Benchmark is a welcome and strong addition to the UNIBA Partners’ benefits network in Canada and worldwide.”


In this month’s Team Feature, we would like to introduce Giorgio Follegati, Benchmark’s Senior Consultant. As Senior Consultant, Giorgio works with our clients and partners on their group benefits programs and helps to produce the highly collaborative environment that is at the core of what we do.

At Benchmark, celebrating customer success is our top priority, and ensuring that each client receives timely and accurate advice is a crucial part of that. Giorgio is at the forefront of our efforts to keep both our clients and our company on top of our game!

  1. What is your role at Benchmark Benefits? I work with organizations as a Senior Consultant on their group benefit programs.
  2. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Working with professionals that value putting their people first. Contributing to client milestones and the successes of our community.
  3. What makes Benchmark Benefits the leader in health care solutions? Working with a highly collaborative and experienced team that can adapt to an evolving marketplace is what keeps us on top of our game.
  4. How do you go above and beyond to offer value to your clients? Celebrating customer success is our top priority. Ensuring each partner receives timely and accurate advice is important for us and we strive to improve upon this daily.
  5. What is one thing you try to include in your everyday life that keeps your wellness & mental health top of mind? Staying active is something that keeps me in check. If I can break a sweat once a day, I know I have given myself the best opportunity to perform with a highly engaged mind.


Every year, provincial and territorial dental associations release their annual recommendations of dental fee guidelines, where there is usually an increase in the cost of dental services. This data is critical to the amount of dental fees your insurance provider will reimburse.
Check out the data to see how your insurance stacks up in the New Year with the new fees:

Every year, our friends at Perks create the Big Book of Perks (BBOP) to showcase the best employee experiences to try out in the new year! From health and healthcare additions to learning and development supports, the BBOP has countless innovative additions to benefits plans that your employees can take full advantage of.

Perks’ very own Founder and CEO, Alexa Baggio did a webinar with us almost a full year ago.
Check out her talk on rethinking how we look at the employee experience and rewards programs here, and the slides from the presentation here.

We’re back with another edition of our Workday Wellness Series! We understand how hard it can be to determine what is a fact, a fad, or a fiction when it comes to health and wellness resources online, so the Workday Wellness Series is designed to guide you in the right direction with advice from industry professionals you can trust.

This month we will be exploring Viloma Breath Technique, with tips and tricks from the
wonderful Paria Mirazimi from Athletix Academy.
Click the video above to take a moment of wellness for yourself today!