Our Experience at UNIBA Partners’ Regional Meeting, & Helping Your Employees Through Chronic Illnesses

UNIBA Partners is an international partnership of over 70 independent, owner-led insurance advisors. Established in 1987, UNIBA hosts a global platform that assists clients in over 130 countries. UNIBA Partners collaborate and help clients with risk management and employee benefits solutions by recognizing and managing their exposures – regardless of type, location, and range of organizations.

Their regional conferences include “going beyond the obvious, opening minds, provoking thought, sharing laughter, learning, teaching, sharing, questioning, bonding & building trust, focusing on clients, thinking new thoughts and being inspired.”

It is important for professional service providers in the industry to connect, share ideas, circulate resources, and build networks that better serve our clients.

Gisela Carere, attended the UNIBA regional conference in Miami earlier this month. The conference heightened Benchmark’s global presence, with expert partners bringing the professionalism and unique considerations that we look for when serving our clients to the forefront.

Membership in UNIBA provides the platform for Benchmark to offer global perspectives with valued insight on cross-border, inpatriate, expatriate, and multi-national solutions to our clients.


Chronic diseases are defined broadly as “conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both” according to the CDC. We are very passionate about assisting our community through their journeys with Chronic Illness. The Canadian Government states that at least 44% of adults are living with a Chronic Illness, and we are here to help you give your employees the resources they need. 

With Celiac Disease Awareness Month coming to a close we wanted to take a moment to highlight how you can assist your employees living with Celiac Disease — A common Chronic Disorder in which gluten is not digestible by the body, and causes severe amounts of pain. 

As an employer, you can support your employees who are struggling with this autoimmune disease by offering resources to help them get diagnosed, providing gluten-free snacks in the office, and more. By taking these simple steps, you can make a big difference in the lives of your employees.

Other Chronic Illnesses that your employees could need support for are as follows but not limited to: 



Heart Disease




Providing customized benefit plans for your employees with Chronic Illnesses can improve their quality of life greatly. 

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