Uniting Mind & Body

Our monthly webinar is coming up on November 19th!

With shorter days already upon us, this month we are talking about the importance of recognizing and ways of living with Seasonal Affective Disorder in “From S.A.D to G.L.A.D – Finding resiliency in dark times.Join the online discussion between our President Gisela Carere and Monique Peats – the CCO of Life Recovery Program: Inward Strong.

Tune in to the conversation to discover the following topics:

1. How to identify Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

2. How to recognize when it’s beyond S.A.D.

3. Discover its startling impact on you & your organization

4. G.L.A.D. – discover the steps to greater resiliency

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Seven months into COVID-19, companies are starting to make changes to their benefit plans to incorporate more mental health accommodations. This change comes as the final step in an ongoing effort to have benefit plans that prioritize mental health. To accommodate the required support in planning, employers will need to rethink and invest in their employees’ emotional wellbeing going into 2021 and beyond.

 See how you can adapt your benefit plans to better fit your employees’ needs

Movement is critical in keeping both mind and body sharp in a world where most of our day is spent at a desk. Even more so now, when you are staying close to home, incorporating more movement into your day is critical to boosting mood and improving sleep. However, getting active sometimes comes with a side effect of injuries.

At Benchmark Benefit Solutions we can customize your employee plans to include physiotherapy and chiropractor benefits to ensure that your teams are supported through every at-home workout.

Protect your mind and body through movement!

Exceeding Client Expectations: Allowing People To Reap The Benefits

Benchmark Benefit Solutions is a team of talented individuals working together to provide customized benefits plans that exceed the expectations of our clients and their employees. We are drawing back the curtain to introduce you to the team who make your benefits plans happen so you can reap the benefits.

This month we are featuring our CEO – Adam Carere. Adam goes above and beyond by creating a space for all of our clients in the Benchmark community and exceeding the expectations of a traditional benefits provider. He ensures that Benchmark surrounds itself with industry experts to provide the best healthcare solutions to our clients. Check out his mini-interview below:

  1. What is your role at Benchmark Benefits? CEO
  2. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Exceeding client expectations
  3. What makes Benchmark Benefits the leader in health care solutions? Our inner community of industry experts. Benchmark surrounds itself with people of extensive knowledge and experience. This translates over to the organizations we work with.
  4. How do you go above and beyond to offer value to your clients? By offering ongoing support and ensuring our clients feel a part of the Benchmark community.
  5. What is one thing you try to include in your everyday life that keeps your wellness & mental health top of mind? Every situation has an outcome. Either positive or negative. Ignore the negative, focus on the positive and take control of the outcome.