5 easy lifestyle adjustments to feel better and perform better at work

1. Visualize a successful day before work

Thinking about the day ahead will create a vivid picture for your mind that your daily life can mirror. You can also take a moment to think about your priorities before reaching for your phone and starting the day on autopilot. Ask yourself: What matters most today? Tip: For an intentional start to the day try writing in a journal. A prompt to experiment with: What would make today great?

2. Take Smart breaks that don’t include a Smartphone

Try not to let more than ninety minutes pass without doing something to refresh your mind and body. Stand up and clear your head, or get outside for a short walk between meetings. One of my favourite tips is to sit for a few minutes with a tea or coffee without a phone or something to read and source physical energy from my drink, and mental energy from a few minutes of stillness. A “smart” break makes it possible to continue working productively for another 90 minutes.

3. Enjoy good mood food – Try to incorporate foods that naturally support your brain and body during the workday

Snack on magnesium-rich nuts and seeds such as almonds and pumpkin seeds. Incorporate healthy fats at lunch such as avocado and olive oil. And add some leafy greens for a serious wellbeing boost. Tip: Try experimenting with a new veggie such as Watercress – it ranks as one of the highest “antidepressant foods.”

4. Hydrate, don’t just Caffeinate

Being hydrated means everything in our bodies works better, especially our brains, which are more than 70 per cent water. Consider some of the stats and facts: up to 85% off all headaches are caused by dehydration. And experts say we’re not sick, we’re dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can lead to brain fog, fatigue, and poor concentration. Tip: Focus on eating your water: incorporate hydrating foods such as celery, pineapple, cucumber, cauliflower and kiwi. You can also order a water with your favourite coffee.

5. Focus on making additions, rather than deletions to your lifestyle

Even 1 per cent shifts done consistently will have a compound effect on your health. For example, here are three small changes that make a difference to how you feel and function: Go to bed 15 minutes earlier, start the day with a glass of water, and take three deep breaths before you eat.

Jocelyn Hill is a Duke Integrative Medicine trained, and Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She also holds Certifications in Lifestyle Medicine, Mindfulness, Holistic Stress Management and Nutrition. Jocelyn Hill is the Founder of J Wellness.