Ivey Recognizes President Gisela, Celebrating our Community, & Pharmacare Budget Updates

Our President, Gisela Carere, is constantly working on herself, her career, and her values. One of the ways she does this is by participating in extra schooling with the accredited Ivey Business School. Currently, Gisela is a candidate for an Executive MBA in the class of 2022! 

Gisela inspires us every day, and the learnings she is able to bring to the company from Ivey are priceless! Her journey has not been an easy one, but with perseverance and dedication, Gisela has become a force in the Industry. Thank you Ivey for the wonderful feature! 

Read more on Gisela’s journey, her experience with Ivey AND MORE HERE.


The Benchmark community is made up of people and organizations that dedicate their work to bettering the community, and we are very excited to highlight MS Society in this month’s Community Spotlight.

The MS Society provides services to those affected by multiple sclerosis and funds critical research to find the cause and cure for this disease. Their fundraising efforts have raised tens of millions of dollars for services for those with MS and have also supported young researchers who are searching for a cure.


The MS Society aspires to create a world free of MS and they support that goal through comprehensive services, growing their fundraising capacity, and advocating for Canadians who are affected every day by MS.

The MS Society has been supporting Canadians with MS since its founding in 1948. Since then, thousands of dedicated individuals, companies and foundations have helped to support this community and the goal of finding a cure for MS. 


1) Tell us about the MS Society and what you do?

The MS Society provides services to people with multiple sclerosis and their families and funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease. We are the only national voluntary organization in Canada that supports both MS research and services. Since our founding in 1948, the core support of the MS Society has been from tens of thousands of dedicated individuals, companies and foundations in communities across Canada.

2) What are the primary goals of the organization?

To provide support and services to people with MS and their families, advocate for their interests politically, and support research aiming to find a cure for MS.

3) What have been the biggest impacts/outcomes on the community you serve?

In recent years, we have raised tens of millions of dollars to fund research and services. Through our Act of Greatness Challenge alone, we have raised $75 million since 2017, funding 400 research projects and the efforts of 300 young researchers looking to find a cure for MS.

4) What are some of the biggest challenges the MS Society has had to overcome?

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the not-for-profit sector hard, both in terms of how it affects donations and how it forces organizations to adapt its day-to-day delivery of support to the communities they serve. 

5) What are the MS Society’s goals for the future?

We aspire to create a world free of MS. We do that by building our services, increasing our ability to fundraise, including through our key annual events like MS Walk and MS Bike, and funding research to find a cure.

Find out more about the great work MS Society does, donate & more HERE


The federal budget was released last month by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland with $56 Billion in new spending that could impact employers and employees in Canada.

The list includes dental and pharma care rollouts, a new EI system, pension updates, and a variety of initiatives specifically for federally regulated employees.

Several changes may directly affect you and your employees, check out the highlights from Benefits Canada Magazine HERE

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