On January 21st Benchmark will be hosting our 2021 Workplace Summit! We are so excited to be hosting this special event this year to bring you the full experience of an in-person conference, only virtually! From networking opportunities to informative sessions, the Workplace Summit will be the premiere Benchmark Benefit Solutions event of the year!

This year’s Workplace Summit hosts four amazing guest speakers, each an expert in their field, to share their knowledge in personal financing, employee mental health, racial justice, and personal wellness.

Be sure to join us on January 21st so you too can be a part of this momentous event!


In this month’s Benchmark Team Feature we would like to introduce Brianna Wilson! Recently promoted to Account Executive at Benchmark, Brianna spends much of her time working with our current clients to grow our partnerships, while also liaising with new potential clients to expand our network. That level of commitment to our partners and their employees is why Brianna thinks Benchmark is the industry leader that we are.

Brianna goes out of her way to canvas clients, to ensure that they are receiving bespoke services calibrated to their specific needs and interests. This dedication is what makes Brianna such a valuable resource for both our clients and our team and we are so excited to feature her this month!

1. What is your role at Benchmark Benefits? Account Executive
2. What is the most rewarding part of your job? ​Working with the Benchmark community. I really enjoy continuing to grow the relationships we have with our current clients while at the same time expanding our network. I try to ensure that I am a key resource for any inquiries or assistance that our clients may need. Working within such a cohesive and support team has also been a huge reward for me as I continue to foster my knowledge and professional development within the industry.
3. What makes Benchmark Benefits the leader in health care solutions? ​At Benchmark, we do our best to be a partner for the organizations that we work with. We know that employee benefit plans are an integral part of an organization’s overall compensation package and help to ensure that employees are healthy and happy which in turn attracts and retains key talent.
4. How do you go above and beyond to offer value to your clients? ​We canvas each of our clients to get a better understanding of their unique needs and interests and then seek to provide a multitude of professional resources to address these goals. Through Benchmark’s educational seminars and webinars, we provide education and knowledge from key thought-leaders as a means of providing continued value to the organizations we work with and their employees. We are also happy to be the go-to people for our community on a number of different topics and ensure to always respond to any questions or inquiries quickly and effectively.
5. What is one thing you try to include in your everyday life that keeps your wellness & mental health top of mind? I make sure to take an hour out of each day dedicated to physical activity and also do my best to incorporate good nutrition into my daily lifestyle. I find that this helps to not only fuel me for the day ahead but is also an integral part of my overall wellness


Bell Let’s Talk Day is an initiative created by Bell Canada to generate a conversation around the importance of Mental Health and destigmatize Mental Illness. Every year this fundraising day uses social media to create awareness and raise money for mental health care and research across Canada, allowing for more Canadians to have access to quality mental health care.

Let’s Talk has a connotation for being a superficial initiative by a company that saw an opening for a marketing opportunity. But whether you think the work Bell is doing is a marketing ploy or honest work, the buzz that they’ve created around Mental Health has created positive change for Canadians with Mental Illness and destigmatized the conversation around Mental Illness at least a little bit.

Support Canadian Mental Health Awareness on January 28th on Bell Let’s Talk Day


We’re so excited to launch our Workday Wellness Series! We understand how hard it can be to determine what is a fact, a fad, or a fiction when it comes to health and wellness resources online, so the Workday Wellness Series is designed to guide you in the right direction with advice from industry professionals you can trust.

This month we will be diving into the benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga, with tips and tricks from the wonderful Paria Mirazimi from Athletix Academy.
Click the video above to take a moment of wellness for yourself today!

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