Lyn Purdy of Ivy Business School Hosts 2022 Workplace Summit & Shares Industry Knowledge, Tips, & Tricks

We are so grateful for Lyn’s inspiring words and the knowledge she shared with our community of HR professionals at this year’s 2022 Workplace Summit.

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A recent study by The Conference Board of Canada together with Telus Health shows that there is an 83% gap between employees’ existing wellbeing support & benefits and their actual needs. Such a huge difference can be a reason for major dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Research outcomes suggest that Canadian employers need to facilitate better health benefit opportunities for their employees, as well as create a more open and supportive environment. Researchers state that one of the greatest ways to achieve flexibility and retain talent is to offer workers virtual healthcare and telemedicine tools.

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Take a Moment of Wellness for Yourself Today

Remembering to take a moment of calm in your day can sometimes be overlooked, that’s why we’ve created our monthly Workday Wellness Series. These quick snippets of wellness reminders are easy to pop on once or twice a week to recenter and balance.

This month, we’re highlighting Paria Mirazimi from Athletix Academy. Paria is a friend of the Benchmark Community and we are very excited to share her Mindful Body Scan with you. Click the YouTube link above to watch now!